Dorky BFF’s (For Sam)

-Sam’s pov-

My names Sam. I’m dorky, clumsy, and a bit of a book worm.
I live in Beacon Hills, one of the scariest places a supernatural creature could ever live in. “Scott! Where’s the freaking popcorn!” Yeah, that’s right I said it. I’m friends with two of the silliest boys ever to live in Beacon Hills, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski.
“Sam! Ask Stiles, cause I’m a little busy!” I chuckled at him and turned to my sillier friend. His face turned up in a confused expression, I almost forgot we were all watching a movie. Seeing as Scott was doing god knows what, and Stiles was pinning information to a big white poster board. “Are we even watching the movie anymore?” Stiles chuckled at me and turned for the first time to glare at me, “yes! I’m just……mildly working.”
I laughed and stood up quickly. Taking the markers and pens from his hands, I removed all his supplies and placed them underneath Scott’s bed. “We are going to finish this movie together. The pack can wait till tomorrow, it’s our first movie night in three months.” Scott’s head slowly popped around the corner, and after nodding to Stiles. Both boys positioned themselves calmly in front of the tv.
I smiled and took my seat back in between them, “awww….am I separating the two love birds.” They both looked at me, then each other. It took me a minute to process, but after getting knocked to the ground by two sweaty teenage boys. I guess I learned my lesson.

carpediem1219 asked:

Hi I'm Sam and I was wondering if you could write me a Teen Wolf imagine? Something friendship-y with just me hanging with Stiles and Scott. (My basic info is I’m a 5’6 brunette with green eyes who is sarcastic, stubborn, smart, witty, feisty, loyal, dorky and a bookworm who is BFFs with Stiles and Scott) I totally understand if you can’t do it. Thank you either way. XOXO Sam

Thanks for messaging me. I will totally try and update it for you. Do you want me to make it random or do you want a pacific thing.



Max & Charlie Carver in TL S1E4 from Incendio Heart on Vimeo.

Hey guys,
This is all the extracts of Charlie and Max Carver in TL. If you want I’m gonna do the same with the rest of the eerie, telle me in the comments :)
If you see the episode what do you think about it ?
Pleese don’t mention the name of the eerie in the comments or the video gonna be deleted.